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for Viola and Piano

c. 13 minutes

commissioned by AURA Contemporary Ensemble

     written for Nina Bledsoe and Laura Bleakley

Program Notes
Aborcordina is a piece that explores the relationship between the mind and the heart. "Aborcordina" is a word I invented by combining the Latin words "aborior" (be lost) and "cor, cordis" (heart). The word essentially describes the state of being lost between logic and emotion. The piece is a meditation on emotions such as anger and regret as well as how the mind and heart react to these feelings. The disagreement between the mind and heart creates cognitive dissonance and potently fuels the emotional state. When the pressure and tension become too overwhelming, reason gives way to passion and the mind surrenders to introspection.  Confusion and awkwardness become more prevalent as the heart struggles to understand itself.

Contact to order score and parts.

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