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for (fl, cl -, vln, vc, pn, perc)

c. 9 minutes

written for the Atlantic Music Festival

        August 24, 2019. February 23 2020. March 13, 2020. May 25th, 2020. On each of these days, a light was permanently erased from existence. Human beings who loved and were loved perished at the hands of hate and those who hated. Racism, the poison of humanity, brought forth the destruction of these four souls and countless others. Every day, racism bleeds its way into the foundation and reaches of our society to strip away beauty, life, and joy. While  the names and voices of those extinguished ring forever in our ears, their cries will always scorn the senselessness of their deaths. They died not to be heros, martyrs, or symbols of injustice. Their deaths have no meaning. Their deaths are the result of monstrous cruelty and unfathomable brutality. As we call to those voices looking for meaning in their eternal demise, we hear nothing in response other than "Why?".

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