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MERGE (2019)

for String Trio (vln, vla, vc)

c. 9 minutes

commissioned by KINETIC
with support from Houston Contemporary Craft Center (HCCC)

Program Notes:
        "Merge" was inspired by Nathalie Meibach's narrative sculpture "Drop". 
Meibach's art piece captures the scientific data recorded from Hurricane Harvey in Houston, Texas. She captures the catastrophic accumulative rain drops from the storm. "Merge" reflects upon the many human experiences that were affected by Hurricane Harvey. Each individual experience generated interpersonal experiences as family, friends, neighbours, and even strangers came together to face the storm. Within the work, the weather data representing points of major road closures caused by flooding appear as "merge points". These merge points are structural arrivals where elements of the music such as pitch, timbre, orchestration and rhythm blend together. Merge points also correspond to the integration of human experiences and their transcendence from individual to local to global.

Contact to order score and parts.

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