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Parallactic Trichroism

FOR ORCHESTRA [222 4331 3111 8-8-6-6-4]

written for the Yale Philharmonia

Parallax is a visual phenomenon caused by the apparent displacement of objects viewed from different distances and lines of sight. Objects farther from a vantage point appear to pass across the field of vision more slowly than objects that are closer to the viewer. Changes in parallax add depth to a field of vision when the observer is in motion. Trichroism is an optical feature of biaxial minerals and crystals that allows them to present three different colors when viewed from three different spatial viewpoints.

For me, Parallactic Trichroism represents a sonic space where time functions as a three-dimensional spatial object. In this space, similar to parallax motion, multiple flows of time exist simultaneously, at different distances, and in orbit of one another. As time flows interact, the results can have either constructive or destructive effects on their temporal velocity. There are times in my life when I can see distinct flashes of the past or future radiating into my perceived present. Much like the colors of trichroic crystals, glimpses of déjà vu, nostalgia, and premonitions are features of a space where temporal distances converge. In this piece, my goal is to explore how these concepts influence the way I relate to and experience time.

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