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Works: Compositions

Large Ensemble

  • Parallactic Trichroism (2023) for orchestra

  • Black Body Collage (2023) for sinfonietta

  • The Fifth of July (2023) for two sopranos and sinfonietta

  • Injection (2022) for orchestra

  • Bridgetower Variations (2022) for orchestra

  • Bella Laeta (2019) for orchestra

  • Protector (2017) for string orchestra


  • Behold A Pale Horse (2023) for quintet (a. sax, tbn, perc, vla, vc)

  • Anaglyph: A Repository of Imaginary Languages (2023) for piano quartet (cl, vln, vc, pn)

  • Stillprime: A Moment Before Infinity (2023) for quartet (ob, cl, vc, db)

  • Seraphim (2022) for quintet (s. sax, tbn, drum set, e. gtr, e. piano)

  • Dream Evanescence (2022) for chamber ensemble (fl, cl, vln, vln, vla, vc, pn, perc)

  • Limit - Release (2022) for piano quintet (cl, vln, vla, vc, pn)

  • Invocation of Eternal Voices (2021) for pierrot ensemble (fl, cl, vln, vc, pn, perc)

  • Gnostikos (2021) for woodwind quartet (ob, cl, hn, bsn)

  • Unfateful (2019) for quintet (flt, alt sax, b. cl, pn, perc)

  • Merge (2019) for string trio (vln, vla, vc)

  • Windbreak (2017) for saxophone quartet

  • Unmasking Presence (2016) for piano trio (vln, vc, pn)


  • REEL (2018) for alto saxophone and piano

  • Aborcordina (2016) for viola and piano

  • I Shall (2015) for mezzo-soprano and piano

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